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Current Campaigns

WOS is dedicated to solving the workforce’s most pressing DE&I challenges, one individual and one company at a time. We work from the ground up, partnering with businesses to resolve socio-economic disparity, create more diverse workplaces, and improve people’s lives.


WOS Welding Academy

We are proud to announce that Workforce Opportunity Services is partnering with the Universal Technical Institute to build a Welding Academy in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This campaign aims to equip underserved populations with valuable job skills while simultaneously combatting the shortage of capable welders in Texas.


Skills Workshops

Our free workshops empower individuals with transferable skills so they can move from entry-level positions toward long-term professional success. Based on 20 years of research-based workforce development experience, the curriculum includes lessons on problem solving, goal setting, transferable skills, and more. Your donation allows us to continue offering workshops completely free of charge to participants across the globe.


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Alisa Henry

UX designer at Esem Lab

“I run a technology team of four and the skills that I learned in the WOS business and project management courses are what I use to manage my team and run my company today. My technical training enables me to effectively communicate with developers, project managers, and stakeholders. The WOS network has also proven to be invaluable; one of my first customers was a WOS alumnus! You never know who will be a resource or client in the future.”
John Thomas, HP
“My journey with WOS showed me that in life you have to take risks. The time spent 1,358 miles away from my loved ones was extremely diffi cult and emotionally tolling, but I was able to return home with a promising career and the ability to fi nancially provide for my family. I wouldn’t be in this position if it weren’t for WOS and United Rentals and I’m forever thankful for their support.”
Zachary Belknap, United Rentals
“Prior to WOS, I lacked the typical educational background sought by employers for more skill-based roles, and I found it difficult to transfer my military experience to civilian occupations. Higher education was always an aspiration but a steady income took precedence. WOS made it possible for me to do both. They invested in developing both hard and soft-skills so I could succeed in a corporate environment. “
Kathleen Mora, Business Systems Analyst, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey